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Volume I: Issue 1

Ask the Divorce Coach
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Ask the

Divorce Coach!

If there are issues or questions you have that you would like to think through, send them to me by email or call 516.216.4233.
I’ll use this section to offer you some questions that will (hopefully) get you thinking in a new and different way.
New thinking leads to new actions which yield new habits which create new results.

Paul McGinniss
Paul McGInniss-Divorce Coach for Men
I designed this Divorce Coaching Program for Men specifically to provide support and resources for men going into, through, or coming out of a divorce. If you’re looking for an ally, you’ve found the right place.


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Welcome to the premier edition of Divorce Coaching for Men’s quarterly newsletter.
Divorce Coaching for Men is a unique coaching program that helps men regain clarity and focus more quickly and easily before, during, and after divorce. This isn’t therapy; it’s coaching.
The purpose of the newsletter is to share tips and resources to help you move through this difficult period with greater ease and Survive the Fog of Divorce.
Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you know who might benefit from the information provided here. And if there are additional resources you think would benefit someone going through a divorce, please let me know.

Paul K. McGinniss, ACC RCC MSHR
Divorce Coaching for Men, LLC
Survive the Fog of Divorce


The DC4M Program
Being this is our introductory newsletter edition, I thought I’d give a brief overview of the Divorce Coaching Program for Men (DC4M). It’s a unique program that was built by a man for men and is made up of several components.
The DC4M Process
The foundation of the Divorce Coaching Program for Men is The Seven Step Process. This process was developed by examining the building blocks that helped me put my life back together again. It is a framework that enables a man to regain his balance and reclaim his life, one step at a time.
DC4M Coaching

The next integral part of the program is one-on-one coaching. This is not therapy; it is solutions-focused action-oriented work with a trained and certified coach. You’ll use the process to identify action steps to take to get back on track and moving forward again.
DC4M Tools
Any man knows you need the right tools to get the job done. We’re continually compiling tools that will help you rebuild your NewLife, one piece at a time.
DC4M Resources

We’re constantly seeking out and interviewing other professionals that support men going through divorce. Whether it’s being a single parent, dealing with custody or support issues, your health & wellness, household management — you name it — we’ve got ’em or we’ll find ’em!
DC4M Community
There is strength in numbers. So creating a community that serves you was critical. I’ve done this in the form of convenient teleconference calls and occasional scheduled events that help you affiliate with other men who are dealing with the same kinds of issues you’re facing. It’s reassuring to know you’re not alone.
For more detailed specifics and pricing on the DC4M program, visit our FAQs page.

To reach Divorce Coaching for Men, send us an email at Paul@DivorceCoaching4Men.com or call us at 516.216.4233. 

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