The Seven Steps - One at a Time

Dealing with an emotional roller-coaster like divorce can mentally and physically exhaust anyone. There are moments, even days (hopefully not weeks!) when it seems like you can't bear any more pain.

You're not alone!

Luckily, you've found this website and my process for Surviving the Fog of Divorce™. The process is based on my real-life experience and has been refined by applying my brain-based coaching models. The process involves Seven Steps. I'll cover the Step 1 here.

Disclaimer: While my program uses terminology that is similar to war, I fully endorse a peaceful and collaborative divorce where ALL parties -- including any children -- exit the marital relationship whole and unharmed.

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It's International Coaching Week!

As a member of the professional coaching community and the International Coach Federation (ICF) and as president of the Long Island Coaching Alliance--an ICF chapter, it's important to me to participate in and support global coaching events. This week is the grandaddy of such events -- International Coaching Week.

What is International Coaching Week?

During International Coaching Week, coaches all around the world (including members of the Long Island Coaching Alliance) celebrate by educating the public on the benefits of the coaching process and illustrating the value coaching can bring to peoples’ lives. Throughout the week, coaches and their clients will acknowledge the results made through the coaching process and share their progress with others interested in learning more about coaching.

What's Going On?

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What Makes a Man Strong or Weak in a Divorce?

If you're a man dealing with the prospect or the reality of a divorce, you might be wondering, "How strong do I have to be," and "What exactly does it mean to be strong?"

I am reminded of these questions as I was thinking about some old forgotten "love letters" and cards I found while cleaning out my basement. I'm in the midst of moving from my house of 15 years to my (new) wife's house.

While going through some old work boxes, I found some letters my second girlfriend wrote to me while we were away at separate colleges; she was at Cortland, I was at Oneonta. I also found a card from my ex-wife that was given to me in anticipation of me being away on another business weekend.

It hit me that we may have many loves in our lives and many of them may not go the distance, meaning, result in marriage. That can be a (very) bad thing if you let it debilitate you. It can also seem very pessimistic. I don't think so. I think it's realistic, it's life. These "short-term" relationships can also be opportunities to learn about ourselves and what we need, what works, and--perhaps more importantly--what doesn't.

So how does "being strong" play into all of this? >>>>>>>

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